Secondary Double Glazing Windows Chiswick

Sound Proof Glazing are specialists in secondary double glazing windows, we manufacture and install a comprehensive range of windows for grade listed buildings, residential homes, shops, hotels, schools and offices in and around Chiswick

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Secondary Double Glazing Windows Chiswick

Sound Proof Glazing are a family based company who understands the importance of energy conservation, home security, unneeded cost expenditure, providing high quality products and first-rate customer service in and around Chiswick. We are a well respected Chiswick Double Glazing Window and repair company. We can be found on and we have a FIVE STAR rating testimonials on Which Online. We are also proud to provide services for HRH Prince Charles where we have undertaken Heritage (Listed buildings) installations and are just as proud to provide our services to the PeabBody Foundation who provide help for those on Housing benefits. We are also members of The Federation of Master Builders, (FMB), European Builders Confederation (EBC) and FENSA.

Secondary Double Glazing Applications

Residential Homes double glazing
Residential Homes Chiswick
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Secondary double glazing is an ideal solution for home owners in Chiswick whether that be thermal insualtion, security or sound proofing.

Church double glazing
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Churches have many unique features and windows being one of these features. We can help churches in Chiswick reduce energy bills and make the premises more secure using secondary double glazing.

Why Consider Secondary Glazing?

Why secondary double glazing
Sound Proof Glazing

If you live near a busy road, railway line or under a flight path, you might wish to use glass to reduce the noise to an acceptable level. There are various ways this can be achieved depending on the reduction required including customised insulating glass units and the use of specially laminated glass.

shaped double glazing
Shaped Secondary Glazing

Sound Proof Glazing secondary bespoke window panels involves the use of irregular angles and units with more than four sides. There are limitations but, it is possible to shape horizontal sliding units, vertical sliding units hinged casements, lift out units and fixed panes.

Thermal double glazing
Thermal Efficiency

Glass with a low emissivity (low E) coating greatly reduces the heat escaping through windows, especially in conservatories and roof areas. It makes your home more comfortable, with lower heating bills, no ‘cold spots’ and less internal condensation. EnergiKare™ glazing units are even more efficient, by letting more of the sun’s heat in and less of your heat out.

Condensation double glazing
Condensation Control

The global move to more demanding environmental and legislative requirements has increased the popularity of glass which provides high level thermal insulation whilst at the same time reducing the amount of heat lost through the window

Security double glazing
Additional Security

Because laminated glass stays intact on impact it can provide additional protection against deliberate attack such as vandalism or break-in. Laminated glass is available in a range of thicknesses depending on the level of impact resistance you wish to protect from. As with safety glass, security can be provided for all glass types.

Safety Glass Double Glazing
Safety Glass

Where glass is used overhead, at low level or in doors, the relevant British Standards must be met to protect against accidental human impact. There are two types of safety glass: Toughened glass, such as that in the side windows of your car, is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass. Laminated glass similar to that used in the front windscreen of your car, consists of two pieces of glass sandwiching a clear plastic interlayer so it cracks on impact but stays intact, reducing the risk of injury.

Secondary Double Glazing Styles Chiswick

horizontal secondary double glazing Chiswick
Horizontal Secondary Glazing

Our horizontal sliding secondary glazing windows can be from 400mm to 4900mm wide and between 400mm and 2600mm high and as well as all types of glazing in aluminium we also can do this in UPVC. The panels slide on either wheels or hard wearing nylon skids. Ideal for Kitchens, bathrooms in Chiswick

vertical secondary double glazing Chiswick
Vertical Secondary Glazing

Vertical Secondary Windows are Ideal for Sash Windows, our vertical sliding (VS) panels are slimline and look great. Our ‘Tilt Back Balanced’ panels tilts in for access to your existing windows and to aid cleaning. We also offer a non-tilting version for situations where the tilt is not required - such as schools in Chiswick.

hinged secondary double glazing Chiswick
Hinged Secondary Glazing

Hinged Secondary windows allow full and easy access to the outer window. They are neat and unobtrusive with no transoms or mullions to impede the view and will generally provide higher levels of security. This style of secondary glazing is also appropriate for doors. Ideal for Kitchens and bedrooms in Chiswick

fixed secondary double glazing Chiswick
Lift Out Secondary Glazing

Lift Out Secondary Units offer a practical solution for treating windows which are rarely used but need access for cleaning or maintenance. The most popular is our slim system with single seals to the sides often linked by coupling sections with other window styles to act as side lights or over lights. Chiswick.

lift out secondary double glazing Chiswick
Bespoke Secondary Glazing

Bespoke Window Panels involves the use of irregular angles and units with more than four sides. There are limitations but, it is possible to shape horizontal sliding units, vertical sliding units hinged casements, lift out units and fixed panes. This allows sympathetic treatment of windows that are curved in the vertical plane and includes eyebrow windows, full centre arch, semi-circular openings and bulls-eye windows.