Horizontal Secondary Double Glazing

About Horizontal Secondary Double Glazing

Our horizontal sliding secondary glazing windows can be from 400mm to 4900mm wide and between 400mm and 2600mm high and as well as all types of glazzing in aluminium we also can do this in upvc. The panels slide on either wheels or hard wearing nylon skids. In the closed position the panels click and latch onto the outer frame. The secondary comes in white, brown or silver colours as standard, or we can colour it in any of 200+ RAL colours. A wide range glazing is available including double glazed (Heavy Duty system), acoustic and K. Sliding secondary is available with between 2 and 5 panels.

  • Using large panels can be quite cost effective since it reduces the amount of framing material but there are a number of factors that should be taken into account.
  • The ability of the end user to deal with the weights involved. A panel 1000mm x 2100mm in 6mm glass will weigh over 30Kg and a reasonable force will be needed to move it
  • The cill height. Large or tall windows set on high cills will be more difficult to operate.
The height: Width ratio for sliding panels:

Where this exceeds 4:1 the panels are more likely to suffer from racking - the tendency of a panel to bind within the headframe. Two individual windows coupled by a transom should be used.

Frequency of use: An air-conditioned or secure environment will require panels to be operated infrequently, possibly only for cleaning and maintenance, in which case larger panels may be acceptable.

Responsibility for removal and cleaning. Will this be the end user or a cleaning contractor? A manual handling risk assessment must be completed Number of Panels.

Horizontal sliding units are generally available in 2, 3 or 4 panel versions but additional panels can be considered in special circumstances. It should be noted however that specifying multiple panels:

  • May lead to reduced sealing efficiency since it will be difficult to fully close all the panels.
  • May reduce the options for partition points in commercial buildings.
The 3 panel unit is available in three versions:

One in which the centre sash normally remains static and one in which it slides independently. The choice will depend upon access requirements to the outer window. Finally there is a triple track version that allows 2/3rds access to the outer window.

Window Coupling:

A range of aluminium coupling mullion / transom sections are available to link windows both vertically (mullion) and horizontally (transom). Long span transoms will require additional supports in the form of vertical hangers or full height box sections set behind the interlock points of the window.

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