Visofold 4000 Patio Door

Unique slide and fold dual hollow aluminium system. The doors which sit in a rebated frame have an external curved shape with internal beading. Bottom wheels and top glider are safely concealed within a dedicated floating mullion with the door leafs being joined by a butt type knuckle hinge. Suitable for domestic and light / medium / heavy duty commercial applications.

Visofold can be used in domestic applications as either an alternative to sliding doors, or to open up an entire wall as part of a conservatory; the system will make the most of a beautiful view or bring a garden into the home.

Used commercially in a bar, café or restaurant, Visofold can create a glazed screen that allows in the maximum ingress of light in inclement weather, and will also easily glide to open up an entire wall in warmer weather. Visofold doors offer a choice of opening configurations to suit any application. Choose to fold the sashes internally or externally, place the opening at the side so the sashes all fold one way, at one end, to create a single entrance door for easy access, or in the middle to give the option of a double door.

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All Visofold profiles feature a polyamide thermal break that enhances the thermal performance of the profile and improves the overall U-Value. Profiles feature EPDM high quality gaskets and weather brushes to aid weather resistance. Visofold complies with the requirements of Building Regulations Document L 2010. Security is assured by multi-point lock mechanisms on main opening sashes, and shoot-bolt locking on floating mullions.

All Visofold doors have the option of either low thresholds for unimpeded, easy access, or rebated thresholds that offer improved weather resistance. Visofold doors are available in a choice of standard or non-standard colours, including metallic, wood-structure, dual colour and Smart’s unique Sensations range of textured finishes.

  • Heavy duty slide folding doors suitable for use in commercial applications where heavy usage is expected
  • Sashes are hung from a floating mullion which provides additional strength and stability
  • Sashes slide on 4 stainless steel rollers sitting on a steel track which give a smooth opening action
  • Visofold 4000 is an ideal choice for applications that require large or runs of multiple sashes
  • Profiles feature attractive rounded-edge
  • Manufactured using Smarts punch tooling
  • Brand ...... Visofold
  • Material ...... Aluminium Polyamide
  • Dual Colour ...... Yes
  • Thermally Broken ...... Yes
  • NBS Available ...... Yes
  • U Value ...... 1.7W/m²K using 1.0W/m²K centre pane
  • Document L Compliant ...... Yes
  • BS 6375-1:2009 ...... Yes
  • Slide Folding Door Max Width (mm) ...... 1000mm (per sash)
  • Slide Folding Door Max Height (mm) ...... 2500mm (per sash)
  • Slide Folding Door Max Weight (kg) ...... 100kg
  • Glazing (mm) ...... 4mm-38mm single, double or triple glazed units
  • Frame Depth (mm) ...... 70mm
  • Typical Sightlines (mm) ...... 185mm